posted: 3 years ago



I certainly will never forget tonight.

I wish it could have carried on for longer but even being there for twoandahalf short hours was enough to make me realise how important TWLOHA really is to a lot of people, my self included.

I can say I went to see Chad Michael Murray’s sexiness (which I did in fact get a glimpse of) or Kat Dennings awesome-ness but in reality it comes down to that fact that TWLOHA and Renee Yohe are the real reason we’re there, at least for some people.

I just really hated that some people there didn’t even know what TWLOHA was or who Renee Yohe even is, which really saddens me. People hear the words “extra”, “free”, and “music” and decide to show up and take up the spots up front leaving the people who truly care craning their necks to even get a glimpse of what was going on.

It just really sucks when people don’t even care when it holds such meaning to others.

Either way, tonight is going to be a night I will never forget.

Hopefully I’m going again on the 18th. :)

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